Comparative Study of Avicenna's "Personal Unity of Being" and Descartes's "Cogito" theory

Ziba Zolghi

Marziyeh Amri

Mohammad Mahdi Mirzaie


Mulla Sadra was one of the callers for the “unity of existence.” He considered existence as “the unicity of being in differentiation” but whether this is the same Unity of Existence that mystics promote or not is discussable. Mulla Sadra, in this work, replies to this question and brings the theory of “Personal Unity of Being” as his final decision in this regard. He says Personal Unity of Being is the existence of God as the real existence, and the all other existents are its reflections and metaphorical. Also, the research is to bring and criticize proofs of Mulla Sadra in approve of Personal Unity of Being, as well as expounding the characteristics of Personal Unity of Being.


Keywords: Unity of Existence, unicity of being in differentiation, Mulla Sadra, Personal Unity of Being