About us

International Center for developing Peace, Culture and Rationality
This Center (ICPCR) has been established by several Iranian scholars under the permission of Iranian Ministry of Culture and Guidance in order to gather scholars, professors, and students together for developing three main elements; peace, culture and rationality. The activities of this center cover two items; research activities and educational courses. Research activities include book publication, academic journals, scientific meetings, webinars, conferences, and research competitions. Educational courses include short term and long term courses regarding to humanities and religious studies.
Aims of the center
* To develop rationality in religious teachings
* To enrich the culture of friendship and peaceful coexistence
* To promote ethics and morality, especially among younger generation
It's in the general interest of this center to establish a cooperation with other universities and institutions. These kinds of cooperation is to strengthen the movement of peace, culture and rationality. It can be established in the level of professors and scholars or to enable students to gain practical experience in their fields of study by participating at conferences, academic meetings, workshops or educational courses.