Analyzing and matching the examples of "Sediq" in the Quran

Seyedeh Farzaneh Fakhraie


Truth is the opposite of False. Someone who is totally truthful his mind, quotes, acts & whole life is honesty. There is special attention for honest people (=Sediq) in Quran and quotes.

Sunnite interpreters believe that the meaning of honest (=Sediq) is caliph, however Imam is the honest meaning in Shiite interpreters viewpoint. For example, Fakihre-Razi believes that Abu baker is the example of honest in Quran.

There are some Quranic examples of honest people (Sediq) like Abraham, Jonah, Joseph and Maria who are the unity heroes, founders of science and civilization & symbol of chastity and positive moral.

If someone wants to understand the real meaning of Honest (=Sediq) in Quran, there are increasing understanding of honest meaning in Quran; on the other hand there are some hidden hands trying to make enmity between Muslims then all the Muslims should be aware of that.

Here it is demonstrated that the honest symbol and meaning in Quran is Ali peace be upon to him. Any kind of interpretation or description which shows any one else as the Sediq meaning is totally wrong and opposite of Quran and Prophet Muhammad quote.

Kew Words: Honesty, Honest (=Sediq), Honest Symbol, Great Honest man