The Subject of Miracle in the Viewpoint of Mullah Sadra

Marziyeh Amri1

Neda Bahrami

Mohammad Mehdi Mirzaiee


Divine prophets (PBUT) in order to prove their prophecy and make people to believe their prophecy have had miracles. One of the important debates about this topic, it is the miracle itself. There are different theories in regards to performer a miracle. While some believe that a miracle is strictly from God, others believe that this power is given to the prophets and they are independent in terms of performing their super power.  This article tries to investigate the Mullah Sadra’s theory on the subject of miracles. According to the conducted research on this matter and as well as using philosophical books, the prophets due to maintaining their self-refinement and constant fight of temptation have reached a stage where they are given an extraordinary power and the will to perform them. He firmly believes that in some cases prophets can take advantage of the miracle itself while in other cases they take control of people’s visual and hearing ability in order to make them witness their miracles. Therefore, this article aims to investigate Mullah Sadra’s view on the subject of miracle.

Keywords: Mullah Sadra, Islamic Philosophy, Miracle



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