The Evolution of Rationalism in Zaydiyya



This study reviews the history of the evolution of rationalism in Zaydiyya. At first, we explain the foundation of rationalism in the Islam in contrast with Hadithism in Imamiya and Mu'tazila. Second, we compare Zaydiyya with Imamiya and Mu'tazila and identify how Zaydiyya affected by these two sects. The method of this study is descriptive-analytic.

This research reviews how Imams and scholars and leading researchers approach rationalism from the beginning century to contemporary. The result of this review shows Zaydiyya is deeply affected by Mu'tazila. This tendency was grow among Zaydiyya's Imams. On the other hand, the opposite approach, Hadithism delined and this process continued on excessive rationalism. At the end of tenth century Hadithism arose and excessive rationalism was moderated or stopped. According to what is mentioned, Zaydiyya is affected by Mu'tazila more than other Shia sects. In rationalist-theological matters, it is claimed that Zaydiyya is affected by Mu'tazila more than Imamayia.

Keywords: rationalism, Imams, Zaydiyya, Mu'tazila, Shia sects.


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