Comparative analysis of the moral foundations of the gospel of John with the Holy Qur'an


Farhad Esmaili1

Karam Siyavashi2


Revival of moral values and return to forgotten religious and humane principles is highlighted in all heavenly religions. Gathering the real felicity is not possible without help of noble humane morals. Although there are some differences between ideological system of Islam and Christianity، in the field of ethics there are very fine points in the Gospel of John that there exists the same point of view in the holy Qur’an. As we can see many parallelism at subjects like: worship، prayer، self- refinement، away from evil، betrayal، dissension، following the whims and pollution of sin and so on... This descriptive analytical article will comparatively answer these questions: Are there any evidences in the Qur’an for moral virtues and vices mentioned in the Gospel of John? How much is the area of moral subjects in these two sources and whether this area is answerable to needs of today people? By answering these questions both contain inclusion and stability of moral principles and support of Approximation among Abrahamic religions conversation.

Key words: ethic foundations، moral virtues، moral vices، the Gospel of John، the holy Qur’an



  1. Graduate of Quranic Sciences and Hadith, Bu Ali University, Hamedan
  2. Acossiate Prof. of Theology Department, Bu Ali University, Hamedan