The Evidence of "particular unity of existence" from Mulla Sadra's point of view

Marziyeh Amri 1

Zeynab Darvishi 2

Mohammad Mahdi Mirzaee 3


Mulla Sadra was one of the leaders of the "unity of existence". He believes in the gradation of the being; but does the gradation of the being equal the unity of existence? Mulla Sadra answers to this question and introduces the theory of "particular unity of existence" as his final viewpoint. He insists that the only real being, is the existence of God and the rest are just a shadow of His existence and being.

This paper intends to explain the details of Mulla Sadra’s theory of being and review the arguements and finally to have a critical discussion about his theory.

Keywords: Mulla Sadra, particular unity of existence, unity of being, gradation


  1. PhD. Candidate of Islamic Azad University of Qom
  2. PhD Candidate of Islamic Philosophy and Theology
  3. MA. Of Islamic Jurisprudence and Law