The Role of Gordwarra in the rituals of Sikhs

Ahmad Ramezani[1]


According to the belief of some scholars and experts of religions, Sikhism is a combination of Islam and Hinduism; dislike of the common opinion, the followers of this religion believe that Sikhism is obtained through revelation. Because of some of the teachings such as prayer, fasting and worship, and ... which are close to the religion of Islam and Hinduism, these influences also have contributed to the structure and architecture of the Sikhsm. As you look at a "Gordoras", it usually comes in the style and forms of Islamic and Hindu architecture; although it has been made in the style of the Sikhs. For example, minarets and domes of Gordwarra reminded man of the minarets and traces of the Taj Mahal, the Lahore Gate and the Red Castle of Delhi. Due to the similarities of Sikh architecture with the religion of Islam and the Hinduism, this paper seeks to examine the Gordwarras with their own particular architecture, ceremonies, ordinances and worship in which they form, in order to approximate the reader's mind that Gordwarah among What is the category of followers of the Sikh ritual and what ceremonies are there in it.

Keywords: Gordwarra, Guru Grant, Golden Temple, Five Beds, Harmandir, Amritesar, Sikh


[1] Al-Mustafa Open University researcher