The Role of Religion to Relieve & Help the Sick in Iran

Mahmoud Nazari1


Sickness is one of the important events that people confront in their lifetime & sometimes it causes them very deep problems. Since the sick is suffering, he needs someone to help him, relieve him, stay next to him, & explain the meaning of his suffering, if needed. It seems that meaning to suffering of people & helping them to love & worship God within their sickness is a very required aspect & surely it is the duty of religion. Thus there are both in Quran & traditions, many chapters indicated to this problem and invited the believers to help the sick & trust in God. In this paper I try to gather a brief collection of Islamic recommendations about the sick & the behavior of Iranians according to their tradition.

Keywords: Role of Religion, Help the Sick, Islamic Tradition


  1. Lecturer at Al-Mustafa Open University – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.