Due to the need to develop rules and regulations for each educational center and in order to interact properly with the learners, this bylaw has been developed to achieve the following goals:

  1. To establish order in implementation of the educational program
  2. To develop educational discipline
  3. Providing educational monitoring and evaluation
  4. Awareness of rules and regulations


Article 1.


  1. Curriculum: A set of courses that accommodates a certain number of lessons.
  2. Training course: A course which includes all lesson units planned in a certain period of time, observing the teaching hours in that course.
  3. Semester: The time period that is planned according to the teaching hours of each course is called the academic semester.
  4. Language learner: It refers to those who are interested in language learning who have been registered and accepted according to the announced regulations.
  5. Placement Test: It is a test that is given at the beginning of a training course and based on the results of this test, the skill level and language knowledge of the people are determined and concluded.
  6. Withdrawal from Education: If the learner officially declares his / her unwillingness to continue his / her studies and learning.
  7. Educational Evaluation: The evaluation of the educational progress of the language learners in each subject is based on his presence and activity in the classroom, doing homework and the results of the midterm exam and final exam.
  8. Graduation: A learner who passes all the courses of the training course according to the plan will be successfully graduated.
  9. Certificate of Completion of the Course: It is a document that shows that the learner has reached the level of competence and ability to use his/her knowledge effectively after passing the training course.

Admission Requirements

Article 2.

Acceptance of the learner is done by the institute after fulfilling all the conditions announced by the center.

Article 3.

Admission to each level of the training program is based on passing the placement test.

Article 4.

After completing the registration and approval of the institute, the learner is considered as the language learner of the center and is required to attend the classes according to the announced training program.

Article 5.

 It is up to the institute to decide on the students’ delay in attending the beginning of the course.


The Education System

Article 6.

The Persian language teaching system is based on periodic semester systems and acceptance and rejection is limited to the same semester.

Article 7.

The number of teaching hours of each semester will be announced by the institute at the beginning of each course.

Article 8.

The classroom is formed with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 12 people.


In special cases, at the discretion of the institute, this amount can be changed.

Article 9.

The maximum number of students allowed to study for each level of a course is announced by the institute.

Article 10.

If the teacher, after evaluation during the semester, recognizes a number of sessions as reinforcement for the learner, with the approval of the institute, the learner is obliged to participate in those classes.

Article 11.

Participation of a language learner in all classes and educational activities is mandatory.

Article 12.

Language learners are required to attend classes from the beginning till the end of the session in order to be considered present in that session.

Note 1:

If a language learner leaves the classroom and does not attend that class anymore he/she is considered absent.

Note 2:

Delay of more than 5 minutes is considered as absence.

Article 13.

The duration of each session is 60 minutes and the teacher can hold two sessions in the form of a 120 minute session with the approval of the institute.

Article 14.

If the language learners be absent in 5% of the sessions of a semester, he/she will be excluded from that semester.


The final authority to exclude a learner from the educational semester is the institute.

Article 15.

Absence in the final exam of the semester constitutes a score of zero in that semester.

Article 16.

Language learner’s refusal to continue his/her studies can be due to his/her written request and the approval of the institute.

Article 17.

In case of not attending the classroom (without written permission from the institute) for more than 10 consecutive sessions, it will be considered as cancellation of continuing education.

Article 18.

The evaluation of each semester at the end of the same semester will be held in written and oral form.

Article 19.

Participation in the final exam of each semester is mandatory.

Article 20.

The final score of the final exam of each semester is between zero and one hundred.

Article 21.

The minimum passing score in the final exam of each semester is 60 and the learners with scores lower than 60 are considered rejected.

Article 22.

The certificate for each Persian language level in this center will be issued after passing the final exam of that level.

Article 23.

Decision-making and elimination of ambiguity is the responsibility of the institution in cases where the regulations are silent or seemingly vague.

This bylaw with 23 articles and 3 notes has been approved in the council of deputies of the center and communicated by the President of the Institute.